Rustic Cob Ovens


Commissions – Rustic Cob Oven

We are more than happy to build a Cob Oven on-site for you. Managing the design, sourcing and procuring of materials. Preparing the site, installing the base, through to the finished oven. There are many things to consider with a new Rustic Cob oven, you will need to carefully plan the location, will it be in an existing entertainment area. How far from the kitchen is practical, prep area near the oven. These are just a few of the aspects we will be able to offer advice on, to ensure you make the most of your new oven.

If you prefer, we can work on the build together. You benefit from our expertise and have the satisfaction of creating your own Cob Oven.

To discuss call Darron Howarth: 07815 632323  or email: