Rustic Cob Ovens

Team Building Course

Team building – is not only important for the immediate experience of the activity but also for the group skills, communication and bonding that result.

The main goals of the Cob team-building course are to improve productivity, motivation and to have fun. Taking employees out of the office helps break down barriers and eliminates distractions.

Here at Rustic Cob Ovens we feel we have a unique take on team building. Set in an outdoor, back to nature venue, participants have a relaxed and more open state of mind. Using the Cob oven as a medium to deliver a team building course, the participants become so immersed in the exercise of creating the oven, previous barriers or hindrances to cohesive team work are eroded and replaced with a collaborative and supportive team ethos.

Potential benefits of team-building –

  • Eliminates barriers that hinder creativity
  • Improve morale and leadership skills
  • Clearly defines objectives and goals
  • Improves processes and procedures
  • Identify a team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improves organisational productivity

Call Darron Howarth 07815 632323 or email : to discuss details.

Emma Wright – 26 March 2016
We decided to run a team building day before the start of our busy season at Studland Beach and what better thing to do than make a Pizza oven. We thought it would be great to get the team involved in every aspect of the oven from building the base, mixing the cob and making the dome as well as tasting the pizzas at lunchtime. Staff were able to relax away from their normal hectic environment and get creative. Darron was very informative with pre event information, group dynamics and what we would achieve. Everyone got a lot from the day as well as a lovely new pizza oven which we can’t wait to put to use.