Rustic Cob Ovens

Pizza Margherita

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Everybody’s favourite: simple classic, italian

Rustic Pizza Margherita

This recipe makes about 5 thin pizzas


500gĀ  rustic pizza dough (see recipe)
One portion of rustic pizza sauce (see recipe ) or to save time use passata straight from the carton.
Two balls mozzarella – torn or chopped
Basil to garnish
Black pepper


Your cob oven should be heated to about 400’c which takesĀ  approx 1 – 1 1/2 hours.
Once your dough has been proving for an hour or overnight, flour your hands, a large wooden board and a rolling pin.
Split the dough into 5 equal pieces, it should be springy and elastic to touch.
Put each of the 5 piece of dough on a floured board and shape into rounds.
Take the first piece of dough and roll out thinly or stretch gradually by hand.
Spread semolina or flour onto a pizza peel or baking tray to stop the dough sticking.
Put the rolled out dough onto the semolina on the pizza peel.
Spoon a couple of tbsps of the sauce onto the dough taking care not to go over the edges.
Roughly spread mozzarella over the top with some basil and pepper if you like.
The pizza is now ready to cook –
Sweep your fire to the back of the oven to expose the hot brick base.
If you are using a pizza peel, swiftly shove the pizza off the peel onto the bricks, a couple of cms from the fire. Keep a close eye on it, after a minute turn the pizza 180′ and after another minute your thin, crispy, Margherita will be ready to eat