Rustic Cob Ovens


After being privy to our first Cob Oven making day on the farm I was really impressed with the positive effect it had on our volunteers and co-farmers, so I decided to try an experiment. My closest family had been going through a typical falling out period, my two sisters and Mum were at logger heads for almost two years. We as a family had tried to patch things up, but sitting around a table or going for a walk was too intense for reconciliation. So I invited them all to the farm for a Sunday of pizza making on our Cobb Oven. It took over a month to convince everybody to come but on the day they all turned up, 15 of us ranging from my six year old daughter to my 74 year old dad. I had bought all the ingredients and spent out a bit on some of the treats I know my family love. As they arrived I put them to work, the ladies started on the dough and preparing the toppings and the boys and men on chopping wood and setting the fire up. The chat was about food and fire. I didn’t have to do anything else ! By the time the first pizza came out of the oven everybody was talking to each other and then to my surprise there were suddenly hugs kisses and tears, we were once again a happy family. We drew a line under things and have moved on. The next day everybody phoned to say what a wonderful day they had had and how they will always remember the Rustic Cob Oven as a real Peacemaker. May many more be made in the world!!! ”  Mark Gregory – High Mead Farm
I recently hosted a course at my house with some friends. Great fun as well as being really interesting and informative. Being hands on we learnt a lot about the materials and how to build the oven. Course leader, Darron brought his mobile oven and cooked pizzas for lunch. Worked really well and I ended up with a great oven in my garden. Highly recommended. Richard Stoate
Thank you Rustic Cob Ovens for a brilliant day at High Mead farm learning the art of cob oven building. A truely wholesome experience, very informative and hands on with a real sense of community and group work. I wish you every success in your future workshops at High Mead Farm and would highly recommend it to anyone interested. Massive thanks also to Highmead Farm for hosting and supporting the workshop. Rose Perry
Had a great evening cooking fabulous Pizzas with Rustic Cob Ovens. #‎FamilyFun‬‪#‎RusticCobOvens‬ ‪#‎Bournemouth‬ It only took 2 minutes to cook a Pizza. These ovens are Hot !!! Everyone should have one in their back garden. Simon Foster
We decided to run a team building day before the start of our busy season at Studland Beach and what better thing to do than make a Pizza oven. We thought it would be great to get the team involved in every aspect of the oven from building the base, mixing the cob and making the dome as well as tasting the pizzas at lunchtime. Staff were able to relax away from their normal hectic environment and get creative. Darron was very informative with pre event information, group dynamics and what we would achieve. Everyone got a lot from the day as well as a lovely new pizza oven which we can’t wait to put to use. Emma Wright – National Trust
Brilliant evening – thank you kids for letting us gate crash your night! Perfect pizzas cooked in the Cob by Darren and even an appearance from Father Christmas !  Michael Jones  
 Amazing pizzas!  Richard Horton 
Great idea Darron, move meals on wheels to a whole different level!! Rob Kemp
What an amazing experience. 7 teenagers (boys and girls) working cooperatively to construct the pizza oven. There was great satisfaction when complete. All the kids loved creating their pizzas with their chosen toppings. Then comes the exciting part, the baking of the pizza in the oven and the consumption of their master ‘pizzas’ !!! The most delicious pizza you will ever taste! Thank you to Darron for a very memorable, satisfying and tasty experience which all of the families enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this to families, teenage parties, special parties or just a special day out. Karen Harrison